Soft cupping massage is available with Gill Phillips of Only You Holistic Therapies

Firstly apologies for such a long while since popping in to say Hello, and wishing you all well.

No doubt like me we are all awaiting Spring to arrive bringing with it a little warmth and watching the flowers and plants to wake and greet us all with their lovely fragrances and colours.

Soft Cupping Massage

I am introducing Soft Cupping Massage to my treatment list.  The soft cups are placed onto the skin by using suction to areas of tension and stress, the gliding and traction of the soft cups will help ease most muscular tension and discomfort.  By using the suction of the cups it lifts and releases the build-up of muscular fibres that can cause pain and discomfort, or as I was told by one of my clients “it feels like its unsticking the pain”

The cups can be used as part of most massage treatments or as a stand alone treatment, for a maximum benefit the suction cup can be placed on several areas at any one time and left for a short period to enable the release of acute muscular problems.

This treatment is really beneficial for those suffering from joint problems, e.g arthritis, fibromyalgia.  Cellulite reduction and lymphatic drainage.

It is a really effective treatment for those stubborn knotted areas.


Cost incorporating the cups into a full body massage treatment = £55.

½  body £40.00

Suction cups only  = £25.00 – £45.00