Let’s Talk Lymphatic Drainage!

This is our circulatory system that is our first line of defence against disease.

There are over 600 lymph nodes in our body all working hard to enable our body to fight infection, the largest groups are found in the Neck, Armpits and Groin area.

Lymph moves through our lymphatic system in a similar way that our blood flows in our veins, but unlike our blood of which the heart pumps to keep it flowing, the lymph relies on contraction of the smooth muscles in the walls of the lymphatic vessels as well as the contraction of our skeletal muscles when we move.  The key here is MOVEMENT  to stop our lymphatic system becoming sluggish.

I read a really excellent article describing a very simple phrase that sums up our circulatory system, ” While blood brings in the groceries, the lymph takes out the trash” .

Some symptoms of a sluggish lymphatic system include;

  • Headaches
  • Tiredness & Fatigue
  • Bloating
  • Water Retention
  • Constipation
  • Odema
  • Painful joints

Tools and tips that can help to reduce symptoms:

Movement stimulates the flow of lymph, perhaps a Trampoline Session  😊 maybe.

Dry Brushing is an excellent way of encouraging lymph to move (also helps with reducing of cellulite) try and do this everyday always brush towards your drainage points, under the arms for the top half your body and into the groin area from your legs and buttocks.

Swimming and walking. Always a great way to help that flow and those joints too. 😊

Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  A great way for benefiting and detoxifying the body.  This massage technique has lighter and flowing movements which is designed not only to benefit the lymphatic system but is also very soothing and relaxing.

Reflexology is also an excellent way of boosting and enhancing our lymphatic system whilst also working on the Whole body system,

A full body Lymphatic Drainage Massage is approx. 90 mins of total relaxation as well as knowing you are helping your body to achieve maximum well-being potential.

Cost = £45.00  approx time 90 mins.

I also offer half body treatments that can target areas that are more problematic.

Cost =  £32.00  approx time 40 mins.

A half body lymphatic treatment combined with a full Reflexology treatment to help wake up your full body potential and well-being.

Cost =  £55.00  approx time 90 mins

Things to be cautious with before you begin your detox journey, if you have certain conditions like; congestive heart failure or circulatory problems, clots or infections with fever medical advice should be seeked further as moving fluid around too quickly can put a strain on the heart.  If you have infection or a high fever please wait until the fever or infection passes before commencing treatment.

I hope you have found this helpful and will encourage you to begin your journey of opening up your body’s full well-being potential.

Take care, lots of love

Gill x

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