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Hi, its now been a month since I have joined my fellow therapists at  Magnolia  Health And Well-Being Centre and WOW what a busy and exciting month it has been.  It has been fab to meet both new and existing clients who have come along to  enjoy the therapies that I have to offer helping them to unwind, relax and ease  those aches and  pain improving their general well-being.

We have had so much positve feed-back since Magnolia has opened its doors on the 14th May, it is well worth a visit.  So come along and enjoy what we all have to offer, a warm welcome awaits you.

I read an interesting article in our new Tesco magazine the other day which is a fab tip for getting those feet ready for sandals, add the juice of half a lemon to a bowl of warm water and pop your feet in for a 10min soak…… then buff them with a body brush, pat dry.  Next add a few drops of Lavender essential oil to a thick body butter and massage into the feet, pop on a pair of socks while you relax, your feet will be super soft and totally ready for those flip flops.

Regular body-brushing is an excellent way to improve the circulation and also helps to improve the appearance of cellulite.

Through the months of June and July I am introducing a Holistic Facial.  A facial cleanse followed by an aromatherapy facial/chest/shoulder/neck and  massage.  A totally relaxing and rejuvenating treatment.  Suitable for all skin types.                                                                                                                                                          Cost  =  £35.00


Top to Toe Offer

A 30min Holistic facial plus a 30min Reflexology Treatment,  total relaxation. Cost =  £45.00

To close todays post, here’s a picture of some lovely blooms from our garden purple is such a calming and healing colour.

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  1. I love my reflexology sessions with Gill, I have extremely complicated health suffering with lupus and I am seeing and feeling the benefits of reflexology. The Highlight for me is my improved sleep pattern and sleep quality, it’s incredible! Gill is so friendly and genuinely Interested in my health
    And well-being, i feel so comfortable and relaxed and
    Can’t wait for my next treatment.

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